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Home cooks love our quail!

They are easy to prepare and, at approximately five ounces a piece, they cook quickly. Quail is a versatile meat that pairs well with an abundance of flavors and lends itself well to grilling, sautéing, stir-frying, and oven roasting.

Whether it’s marinated, stuffed, or eaten as an appetizer or in salads, quail is naturally low in fat and has a well-rounded, delicate, and slightly sweet flavor.  They can be eaten with a knife and fork or as finger food.


Quail are fun to eat and a welcome alternative to chicken!

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Tips for Cooking Quail


Quail takes seasoning well and picks up flavors from marinades quickly. Be especially careful of marinades that are high in salt like teriyaki, or soy-based marinades. Some times, S&P is all you need.

Prior to roasting quail, sear them in a pan on medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes per side until golden brown. This will seal in the juices and prevent them from steaming.

When roasting whole quail, leave adequate space around each bird. Crowding them tightly together in your baking dish or pan, will cause them to “steam” rather than roast in the dry heat.

 To tell when a grilled quail is done, look at the little drumsticks. When the bare leg bone starts to show, the birds are done.

When stuffing boneless quail for oven roasting, avoid overfilling them, as the skin will naturally tighten up in the oven and the birds will regain their “round” whole bird appearance.





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