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Heritage Pork

We started raising pigs in 2013 after a fire claimed our main quail barn. While rebuilding we researched and began a small pig operation. We had a good amount of available pasture and the idea of pigs or other livestock had always appealed to us. Now in 2017 we supply heritage pastured pork to restaurants and home cooks throughout the Northeast via our local distributors and all across the country via UPS and FedEx.


Pastured pork is wonderful. It’s pork as pork was intended to be like. Deeper colored flesh, marbling in the muscle which enhances juiciness and flavor and snow white fat that’s not only healthier but excellent to cook with.

Our pigs enjoy abundant lush pastures during the growing season and have access to the outdoors all year long. We strive to provide the best living conditions and quality of life for our pigs. This stress free life and healthy diet produces some of the best pork available today.

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